We love healthy natural products!

Based in Cologne, Germany, DANATURA Food GmbH, is specialized in manufacturing, importing, warehousing and distribution of high-quality food, especially from Latin America. “Healthy natural products such as chia seeds with their high nutritional content are a mega trend among health-conscious consumers,” says company founder Ariel Apata, a native of Argentina with agriculture in Latin America. He’s  familiar with Central and South America he travels different countries in the region regularly. “A long and trusted partnership unite us with our suppliers,” says Apata.

Other features at the DANATURA Food GmbH are certified organic products as well as conventional natural products. In addition to a thorough selection, the direct import and the safe storage of the goods in close proximity to the Port of Hamburg, we offer our customers picking, logistics and constant quality control – all from a single source.

High quality raw materials, impeccable quality and absolute reliability are our top priority. To ensure these values, we work closely with the manufacturers of our food. We monitor cultivation at the origin:

  • We advise and support our local farmers. We advise our growers in all steps of the production process: from seed to packaging raw materials to sensitive logistics.
  • We work fairly. We support and advise our manufacturers in financing.
  • We inspect our products. We leave the state of our acreage constantly checked by renowned agricultural scientist.
  • We work transparently. We let the consistently high quality of our raw materials and products check both in-house laboratories as well as in audits by outside researchers. Tested samples we keep as reserve samples to the purposes of a good quality management.

Do you have questions about the offer of DANATURA Food GmbH? We look forward to your call or send us a message.